Results that make us proud

We measure our success by the success of our customers.
Because that’s the only outcome that really matters.
These are just a few of the projects that have made us proud.

Airborne efficiency

We assisted a major airline customer in redesigning and streamlining its current meal offering. Prior to launch, the airline was using products from countless suppliers and countries. By creating a more efficient meal concept, we were able to combine several products into an all-in-one solution that covers both hot and cold meals. We scouted the local food market and, together with local partners, we were able to provide regional chilled products that are supplied on a daily basis.

Showcases - Aiborne Efficiency
Showcases - Custom Comforts

Custom comforts

We worked closely with one of our rail customers on a design-to-cost solution that matched their budget while staying true to their identity. By staying in close contact with us during the development process, the customer was able to partly nominate some food products and create their own specialized box.
With a bespoke size and design, the complimentary box was carefully developed to optimize the service on-board. The meal box was directly loaded on trays and stacked on pallets to perfectly fit into a rail trolley. This improved the loading time and crew handling. With a flexible distribution and adjustable minimum order quantities, we managed to deliver to a number of stations within a large geographical area with ease.

Retail innovation

We recently took part in the annual franchisee conference for a major chain of convenience retailers. This was an exciting opportunity for our partners to sample the latest innovations in our fresh product range. We unveiled over 20 new products at the conference, each designed to boost store traffic and satisfy evolving customer tastes.

Showcases - Retail Innovation

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