One platform, many products

Evertaste bridges the unique requirements of your brand and the manufacturers capabilities. Close collaboration with many of the world’s leading airlines, train operators and convenience stores, combined with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and our strong manufacturing network, puts us in a unique position to develop and deliver the right product for each of our customers.

Food innovation

Pushing the boundaries of menu engineering

We invest considerable time following the latest food trends. We monitor the web and social media for inspiration. We go to trade shows, restaurants and street food events. We run workshops with talented and forward-thinking chefs from across our international network. We go to great lengths to offer you something new and unexpected.

Services - Food Innovation

Design & Branding

Creating customized identities with clever branding

We research your brand to fully understand it so we can create products that express your story or find the right branded products that fit and promote the brand. We create custom food menus by working closely with leading chefs and food designers. These bespoke creations help to reinforce your brand and keep your customers satisfied.

We offer exclusive and mutually beneficial partnerships with respected brands, including co-branding opportunities.

We’ve also created some well-known retail brands of our own, such as Go Deli in Finland and Santiamen in Latin America. You’ll find Evertaste products under private label in leading convenience stores around the world.

Services - Design Branding

Manufacturing expertise

Advancing the state-of-the-art in manufacturing

Our high quality production facilities enable us to create tailor-made solutions, offering meal concepts for any temperature, size and specification, which always fit your brand and budget. With our flexible set-up we can produce ambient, chilled and frozen food at high capacity. And building on this, we’re constantly exploring new ways to package these products, ranging from components to full meal solutions, for example meal boxes, bags, drawers and baskets. We’re committed to the highest levels of safety and professionalism with our production facilities certified according to IFS and BRC.

Services - Manufacturing Expertise


Delivering flexible solutions through smarter logistics

We strive to optimize every link in our international supply chain, to deliver greater efficiency and lower costs for you. Our services include forecasting, vendor management, co-packing, and supply chain management.  

Services - Logistics

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