At Evertaste, we know that convenience food should enhance the culinary experience whilst making life easier. We develop delicious recipes and menus and design eye-catching packaging for food service, retail and travel. We are creative. We venture far from the norm. And we never compromise on quality because we know what’s important to people on the go!

Evertaste is a member of the gategroup family, the global leader in aircraft catering. gategroup has been an expert in the development and production of meal solutions for travelers for decades. As a global company with a presence in 60 countries, we can count on hundreds of chefs hailing from every continent, each of them with unique, creative inspirations and a deep knowledge of local food. Creating fine dining concepts for renowned international carriers as well as working with numerous Michelin Star Chefs is constantly sharpening our culinary senses and keeping us tuned in on the latest trends and consumer needs. For the creation and selection of our premium meals we have access to world renowned and award-winning Chefs across the globe, who help introduce you to enter a world of culinary wonders and excellence.

Our global footprint and sourcing capabilities are reflected equally in the wide range of our exquisite ingredients covering modern consumer’s need for convenience, customization, sustainability and seasonality, combined with latest in nutritional science, regulatory compliance and consumer insights. Our inflight-service products vary from convenient snack solutions to sophisticated five-course First Class meals. We have successfully transferred this experience, passion and uniqueness to the Food Service sector by bundling our knowledge and transforming it into our new “CULI HAUS” product range, which represent the following benefits for our clients:

Wide range of chilled and frozen ready meal and food component solutions.

Exclusive collaboration with a number of Michelin Star chefs around the globe to elevate ready meals into a premium offering.

Authentic recipes from around the globe cooked and prepared by inhouse chefs from all over the world, to guarantee 100% authentic flavors.

Our commitment to sustainability, and adhering to stringent ESG policies. We offer market leading sustainable packaging solutions through our sister company deSter and by working with carefully selected regional suppliers.

State of the art production facility in Alzey, Germany with IFS and Halal certification.

Offering of a range of functional food products to meet the growing diet plan needs, health-conscious choices and requirements for religious meals.

Our European network with dozens of gategroup units across the continent, all operating together in food production, assembly, warehousing etc.

A wide assortment of plant-based solutions to supply the demands of a new, more diet conscious market.

Customizable product range to meet your needs.






Prepared with top ingredients and according to recipes designed by award winning chefs, we created a premium value for money product, which will satisfy the craving of consumers who look for uniqueness.



A range of convenience meals, which cater to the desires of modern and health-conscious people who want innovative meals that work with their current meal plans or requirements of religious diets.



Truly international meals prepared with original recipes and authentic ingredients for diners who want to explore the flavors of the world from their home.


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